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Creating a Solid Foundation for ITSM

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Most companies and government agencies have ongoing IT Service Management implementations. For a good reason, as IT Service Management (ITSM) offers a lot of benefits, to include cost reduction, performance improvements and increased customer satisfaction. Given the demand for ITSM, there are countless ITSM resources available, such as process frameworks, management systems, and training services.  Despite this support, it is estimated that 70% to 80% of these ITSM initiatives are unable to demonstrate value. So where is the disconnect? Why are so many organizations struggling to get ITSM up and running effectively?

Let’s look at the basics, ITSM is focused on the management of IT Services, thus the name.  From our experience at i3, we have found that most IT organizations are focusing their ITSM efforts on everything but their services.  Instead, most are focused on implementing processes and investing in extremely expensive management systems (tools). 

It seems everyone is more concerned with the processes and the tools, completely overlooking the “Services” aspect altogether. Metaphorically speaking, the cart is in front of the horse, and as a result, these ITSM initiatives don’t make it very far.

The secret to being successful with ITSM is simple, know your services. Until then, everything else, to include process frameworks, management systems, certifications, etc., are all expensive distractions.  Before an organization can build its instantiation of an ITSM framework, it first needs a solid foundation. Building this foundation requires three critical elements:

  • The Definition of Services
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Comprehension of Service Costs

 These items are the core of what IT Service Management is all about. However, in the real world, they are the most overlooked or misaddressed aspects of most ITSM initiatives. Without these three pieces, any attempt to implement ITSM will ultimately collapse, and subsequently, any investments will go unrealized.