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Inspire - Imagine - Improve

i3 Design & Consulting LLC

Overview of i3 Design and Consulting Services

Make Your Business Better.

i3 Design and Consulting LLC is a boutique Information Technology, process consulting, and products firm headquartered in Leesburg, Virginia.  Our company is defined by its deep content knowledge of its staff and partners.  We bring twenty years of information technology and business process improvement knowledge to the table, with a record of success producing business value, increasing operational efficiency through IT innovation and process improvement, and driving customer focused service excellence.  i3 provides consulting support to senior executives, as well as, leadership to transition organizations to the next level by transforming business processes and improving growth, margin, customer engagement, IT, and quality.

i3 Design and Consulting is a ServiceNow Implementation Partner

i3 Design and Consulting LLC is pleased to announce that they have signed a services implementation partnership agreement with ServiceNow.  i3 has a successful history of implementing innovative ServiceNow solutions and combining them with our ITSM process solutions.   Jeremy Williams, CEO of i3 noted, "This partnership significantly improves the offerrings that we can bring to our customers and cements our relationship with ServiceNow as a fully qualified implementation partner."  


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Certifications and Assessments

Support the organizational certification effort for ISO standards (9000:2015, 20000, and 27000). Design and implement CMMI for Development and CMMI for Services solutions up to Level 5. Conduct FISMA-based risk and security controls assessment.  Develop NIST 800-53 and 800-171 compliant policies and procedures to support U.S. Government contract compliance.

ServiceNow Implementation

As an implementation service partner, i3 supports the implementation and customization of the ServiceNow platform. We provide Consulting Services including, Strategy and Assessment Workshops, Business Process Analysis, and Roadmap Creation.  Our Implementation Services include, Readiness Services, Implementation Services, Integration Services, Data Migration, and Enterprise Service Management Solutions.  Our Optimization Services include, Governance, Technical and Process Optimization, and Workflow and User Interface Optimizations.

Process Improvement

Implement proven solutions for ITSM/ITIL, waterfall to agile transitions, and staffing service performance improvement. ITSM solution built on the ITIL framework. Agile and scrum solutions enable the transition from waterfall to agile or the establishment of a new agile-based development organization. Proven staff services solution improves business performance by lowering operational costs, raising customer acceptance rates for candidates, and significantly improving customer satisfaction. Our solutions focus on business transformations that improve revenue, quality and margin. 

Business Growth & Margin Improvement

Business growth strategies focus on improving re-compete win rates and improvements in customer satisfaction. Our approach has improved re-compete win rate success in our customers from 36% to over 90%. Utilize a proven analytical approach based on 10 years of data to improve re-compete win rates. Provide margin improvement solutions by improving operational execution and increasing the efficiency of back office functions through automation, process improvement, staff development, and strategic scalability planning.  Consult with programs and departments to get 'back to green' against organization objectives. Approach focus is on innovation, process improvement, fiscal management, and culture change.