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Customer and Organizational Communication Essentials

In working with companies of all shapes and sizes, we run into a few common themes-- everyone would like to make more revenue and everyone struggles with communication.  Whether it's peer to peer, communication, or organizational communication every company seems to struggle with it.  We've put together a quick presentation on communication essentials that we've found to be effective.  The full presentation is available for download at the i3 Design and Consulting web site.

For a little fun on a Friday, I've included below the i3 Design and Consulting Top 10 Email Rules we use in our company.  What do you think? Do you have others that should be added to the list?

i3 Design and Consulting Top 10 Email Rules

  1. Use a meaningful subject
  2. Read the email before you send it
  3. Use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation
  4. Do not overuse the high priority option
  5. Do not write in CAPITALS
  6. Do not use BCC
  7. Do not request delivery or read receipts
  8. Do not discuss confidential information via email
  9. Don’t reply to spam, chain letters, or virus hoaxes
  10. MOST IMPORTANT- If you have to respond more than twice to someone via email…STOP! Pick up the phone or go see them in person.


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Jeremy Williams