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Achieve Industry Best Recompete Win Rates


  • Recompete win rates of 90% or above
  • Data driven framework for informed decision making
  • Full lifecycle approach integrating management, operations, and business development
  • Consistency with standard business development lifecycle approaches
  • Experienced consultants and organizational training

30%: that was the win rate in 2015 for U.S. government contractor incumbents on single-award recompetes worth $100 million or more with two or more bidders (Bloomberg).   Industry research estimates that it costs four to ten times more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one.  Simply put, keeping your customers is cost effective and most government contractors are giving it away.

Data Driven Framework
i3 Design and Consulting LLC uses a data analytics-based approach that dramatically improves recompete win rate success.  Built on ten years of data, the i3 solution enables an accurate analysis of re-compete risk and a proven approach that has dramatically improved recompete win rate success for our customers.  Our approach has helped federal contractor customers improve from re-compete win rates of 36% to sustained win rates of over 90% in less than two years. 

Using our data analytics approach we are able to accurately establish a recompete risk baselines at key milestones through the existing contract lifecycle.  Using this baseline, we drive the needed activities on existing work to drastically improve win rates at proposal time. Our approach includes a common organizational strategy for the company that can be institutionalized across the business portfolio and customized solutions for key re-compete pursuits. 

Full Lifecycle Approach
Recompetes aren't magically won during the proposal phase.  Nor are they the sole responsibility of business development.  Winning a recompete requires a coordinated effort of management, operations, and business development throughout the life of the existing contract. 

To begin with, recompete success begins with a solid transition, either as an incumbent or as a new awardee.  In order to establish a successful foundation for your contract, it's critical to understand the key transition elements that are important to your customer. During the Honeymoon Phase, the focus is mainly on transforming the contract, which is based on the promises in the proposal and transition phase.  As the transformation efforts are complete, the contract should focus on a short period of contract stability, ensuring that all new processes, services, etc are operating to the customer's expectations. An initial baseline of customer satisfaction is critical at this point in the lifecycle. 

The Contract Stability phase should quickly move into the Contract Improvement Phase - iterative phase focusing on on specific actions to improve cost, quality, timeliness, and customer satisfaction.  At this point, a mid-contract review executed with management and business development should be conducted, and based on the results of that review additional improvements are made. Next comes the Recompete Planning Phase, in which Business Development and Operations cooperatively create capture and proposal plans.  Finally, Business Development takes the lead to execute the development of the proposal and ultimately win the recompete.

Solution Elements

  • Tailorable recompete strategies, including specific detailed action plans and processes for each lifecycle stage. 
  • Data analytics risk model to baseline current performance and assess recompete risk levels.
  • Customized strategies for specific key pursuits. Special attention to the must win recompetes.
  • Professional on-site consulting to train and support your organizational deployment.
  • Direct hands-on support for developing and executing strategies for key pursuits.Online support center including success stories, lessons learned, and a reference library focused on improving operational performance and customer satisfaction.

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