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Control Costs and Improve IT Performance with i3 ITSM Solutions

Control Costs and Improve IT Performance

  • Cuts roll out timelines and implementation costs by nearly 75%

  • Fully configures processes and tools in less than 6 weeks.

  • Dramatically improves service quality and customer satisfaction

  • Makes metrics and data driven business intelligence available at all organizational levels

  • Provides ITIL-based ISO 20000 and 27000 solutions

i3 provides hands-on implementation for ITIL-based IT Service Management Systems for both Government and commercial customers.  We focus is on understanding business problems and opportunities in the context of requirements to deliver best practice solutions unique to each customer.

Unique Implementation Approach
i3’s implementation approach provides our customers a fully configured ITSM system within six weeks.  This approach includes the process,tool implementation, and training for functional/process managers.  It cuts the normal six to nine month process development phase, by over 75% and allows the organization to learn and improve through measured execution as soon as possible. Too often organizations attempt to implement process by process only to get stuck on a very basic implementation of incident or change management.  By implementing all the core processes of the solution from the beginning, our approach can significantly increase your chances of implementation success.

Integration with ServiceNOW
i3 also specializes in IT Service Management solutions, implementing and transforming all areas of the ServiceNow platform.  These areas include Online Service Catalogs, Service Level, Incident, Problem, Configuration, Asset, Change, Release, Cost, Procurement, Service Continuity, and Knowledge Management.  In addition to ServiceNow’s suite of standard out-of-box applications, i3 has designed, developed and delivered dozens of platform-based custom applications to improve  the organization and overcome unique challenges.  i3 is highly proficient in ServiceNow configuration and customization efforts including, form tailoring, workflow design, email notifications, report setup, data imports, business rules, client scripts, UI policies, UI actions, UI pages, and third-party software integrations.

Measurement Driven Intelligence

i3 provides solutions and measures to improve quality, IT operations, business decision-making, and customer satisfaction.  

Organizations often struggle with too few measurements, or they have so many that they cannot determine how to use them effectively.  Our approach is to align the measurement program with the services provided for internal and external customers.  Instead of focusing on endless metrics of internal IT components such as server or network uptime, which are typically meaningless to the customer, we focus on reporting and measurement on service provision.  Our services-based approach enables the alignment of improvements with customer expectations and provides meaningful data for customer-focused decision making.

Measurements associated with IT components are managed as key performance indicators or sources of root cause analysis for the internal IT department. In most cases, i3 is able to integrate standard IT monitoring tools with the ServiceNow platform through the orchestration module to improve component monitoring and availability.


Sampling of customer accomplishments:

  • Implemented over 20 ITIL-based ITSM systems for large (120,000 users) to small businesses (10 users).
  • Improved IT customer satisfaction ratings on average over 90% within 12 months.
  • Improved IT response, resolution, and availability across all service level targets.
    • Example: Lowered average time to answer by 92% and improved virtual desktop availability to 99%.
  • Improved organization and automation
    • Example: Doubled IT service desk hours without adding additional costs by automating internal IT functions and realigning work schedules and responsibilities.
  • Typically able to certify to ISO 20000 and ISO 27000 standards within six months with zero non-conformances.
  • Improved security. 
    • Example: Improved security posture resulting in zero intrusions and malware/antivirus related incident responses for 12 months.

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