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ITSM Accelerator

Learn about the ITSM Accelerator from i3 Design and Consulting.  The video will walk you through the major features and benefits of the product.

i3 Overview

Overview of the services offered by i3 Design and Consulting.

Process Assets

Incident Management Process Assets

This process set contains the following: Incident Management Policy, Incident Management Process, and five Incident Management Procedures.



Creating a Solid Foundation for IT Service Management

ITSM process frameworks and supporting management systems can be invaluable assets to an IT organization. However, without the right Service Management foundation in place these assets can quickly turn into a source of chaos and expense.

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Case Study for Improving Performance and Revenue on Staffing Services Contracts

Delivering highly skilled staff to support U.S. Government contracts is a challenging and competitive business.  Working with Crystal Clear Technologies (CCT), i3 Design and Consulting LLC implemented a services-based approach that supercharged their business. The approach also enabled them to achieve their ISO 9001:2015 and CMMI for Services goals opening additional government contracting avenues. 


How L-3 Leveraged the CMMI for Services to Drive Cultural Change and Business Growth

Abstract. This is the story of a group that used the CMMI for services (CMMI-SVC) to help create a small and powerful business capture organization that demonstrated impressive results in their first three years (from $87M to $1.5B).

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Tips for Gaining Actionable Customer Feedback and Addressing Customer Complaints

Sometimes the simplest approach is best.  This presentation provides methods for gaining actionable customer feedback and a simple straightforward method for addressing customer complaints.



Customer and Organizational Communication Essentials


In working with companies of all shapes and sizes, we run into a few common themes-- everyone would like to make more revenue and everyone struggles with communication.  Whether it's peer to peer, communication, or organizational communication every company seems to struggle with it.  We've put together a quick presentation on communication essentials that we've found to be effective.